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  • I absolutely love oysters

  • ​I've run 4 half marathons

  • I’m in my 7th year doing photography

  • I am the youngest and have two older sisters

  • My favorite city is San Diego

  • I love all things arts & crafts, especially beading

  • My favorite type of food is 100% sushi.

  • I make approximately 1-2 funny jokes a month

  • I love Pilates!

  • I was a Latin dancer up until 2017 when I picked up the camera 

  • A good day starts with a vanilla iced latte and ends with a glass of Sauv blanc 

  • I’m an extroverted, introvert

  • I’m a dress girl - winter or summer (except when I’m photographing, then it’s leggings, leggings, leggings)


Photo by Lauren Kara Photography

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